The Global Peace Tower (GPT)
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Developing the Global Peace Tower (GPT) in Atlanta will propel the global peace legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthplace and position it to eventually become formalized as a global capital and beacon of peace. Do YOU have ideas to help Atlanta to inspire our entire Global Family? INVITATION: Peace-builders from everywhere and anywhere in the world are invited to connect with us.

Because of Atlanta's greatest assets: 1) The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection* and 2) ATL: The World's Busiest Airport, it is one of the best-positioned city on Earth to experience a phenomenal windfall of economic and societal reward though promoting Tourism: The World’s Biggest Peace Industry.

Through this developing GPT-site, we now invite any and all internationally respected building designers to submit development ideas for Atlanta's future global architectural peace-icon. Every great city on Earth needs an iconic landmark, especially Atlanta: City of Peace.

Are YOU an Atlanta developer? Do YOU have an ideal Atlanta location and billionaire investors that you can recommend our project to? What is your vision for this?

"The Peace Millennium's Architectural Icon"

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Giza, Egypt has the great Pyramids. New York City has the Empire State Building. Sydney, Australia has the Sydney Opera House. Paris, France has the Eiffel Tower. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has the huge Redeemer Statue. Pisa, Italy has the Leaning Tower. St. Louis, Missouri has the Gateway Arch. London, England has the Big Ben Clock Tower, etc.


Atlanta, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthplace, is blessed with global peace roots. Because of Dr. King's globally-respected peace legacy, it won the 1996-Centennial Olympic Games! Please connect and generate some excitement with us.

All major international cities hunger for an architectural icon that will highlight their inspiring assets, character, and future potential. Therefore Atlanta's future Global Peace Tower will inspire peace cultivation, education and inspiration... on a worldwide scale. It is imperative that Atlanta's future 'Global Peace Tower' is record-breaking in every way possible.

*The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection
*The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection is currently one of the most unrecognized and ignored assets of Atlanta, and yet it will eventually become THE greatest asset! FACT: As peace is cultivated in families, neighborhoods, cities, states, nations and on a global basis then commerce will flourish. How can our global family experience growth in every important area? To begin with, it is imperative we learn from the great lessons of Gandhi & King, two of Earth's and history's most accomplished and respected peacemakers.

Dr. King is the most globally-accomplished peace movement protégé of Gandhi: Man of the Millennium (Years 1000-2000). The "Mahatma" (Great Soul) was also the Father of India: The World's Biggest Democracy! It is Dr. King himself who continues to call us to remember him. We need to be aware of Dr. King's warning and challenge:
"Gandhi was inevitable.
If humanity is to progress,
Gandhi is inescapable.
He lived, thought, and acted,
inspired by the vision of humanity
evolving toward a world
of peace and harmony.
We may ignore him at our own risk."